Redback Industries specializes in Woven Polyester and Composite Cord Strapping Systems — a safe and superior alternative to steel banding.  Redback strapping is ideal for securing heavy loads, bundled loads and irregular shaped objects.

Features & Benefits:
• Maximum impact resistance
• Minimal lash-back when cut
• High joint strength
• Maintains tension over time
• Will not rust or damage goods
• Soft on hands and your load
• Easy to handle and dispose
• Low tool cost
• Low tool maintenance
• 1/4 the weight of steel
• UV Resistant
• Economical

Redback Industries has built a strong reputation in the cargo securement industry for providing quality strapping solutions and services at competitive prices. Redback Industries provides composite cord strapping, woven polyester strapping, and cargo lashing for load securement. In addition, check out our strap buckles as well as strapping tools and accessories for maximum efficiency and durability. Find out how we can help you with load restraint.