Do Away with Dangerous Steel Strapping and Call Redback Industries

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Redback Industries high quality cord strapping is quickly replacing steel banding throughout the country. Our cargo restraint systems are an economical alternative to expensive and dangerous steel strapping. Steel banding has the potential to rust and damage any cargo the banding touches and the potential for serious injuries is high. We recommend either POWERWEB Woven Cord Strapping or POWERFLEX Composite Strapping which both stay tight, and retain tension better than other methods of load securement. These two products will absorb the shocks of shifting cargo, so that your cargo stays secure, and suffers less damage than it would using steel chain or steel banding. Not only that, but POWERFLEX and POWERWEB are both easy-to-use, and safe since they don’t snap back like steel banding. Do away with dangerous steel strapping. Visit for more information on safe and superior cord strapping.

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