Exploring Strapping Options with Redback Industries (Pt. 2)

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Nylon strap has the greatest specific strength of the three plastics, the cost outweighs the strength benefits. In the past nylon strap used to be very popular, but over time polyester has replaced almost all of its use. One application that still uses this type of strap is cold room applications, because it does not creep as much as the other types of plastic.

Corded and woven strapping is available in several constructions, generally in polyester and rayon. Because this system uses a buckle for a joint, corded and woven strapping can have larger system strength than steel banding.   Corded polyester strapping also has higher elongation and memory than other strapping systems, which makes it ideal for sea and rail shipments. Because corded and woven polyester is light and soft, it is also a safer alternative to steel banding and is more environmentally friendly as it is generally reusable.

There are specialized types available for specific applications. For instance, in cold climates a strap bonded in hot melt glue can be used because it is weather-proof.

Composite strapping has filaments embedded in it and is often referred to as “synthetic steel”.  It has the highest joint efficiency when used with a buckle is very abrasion resistant.

For cargo securement that offers maximum impact resistance, high joint strength and maintains tension over time, contact Redback Industries. We will help determine which strapping solution is right for you – contact Redback Industries at 1.866.455.1345 or visit our site at www.redbackindustries.com

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