Montana DOT Prepares for Oversized Loads

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At Redback Industries, we are committed to keeping you up to date on the latest cargo securement news: The Montana Department of Transportation is gearing up for approximately 300 oversized loads bearing oil modules, on interstates 90 and 15. The plan will eliminate the need to use state highway 12, which is generally favored by large oil importers. reports:

The 205 original [Kearl] modules… were reduced in size to meet interstate highway weight and size requirements after Idaho denied use of Highway 12, a route that did not have overpasses…. All shipments are bound for Imperial/Exxon’s Kearl Oil Sands Project in northeastern Alberta.

The loads will enter the state of Montana on Interstate 90 in Mineral County and exit the state of Montana on Interstate 15 at the Port of Sweet Grass in Toole County, according to a MDOT statement. Some of the loads will originate from the river ports in Pasco, Wash., and Lewiston, Idaho, where they were broken down into smaller pieces. Some of these loads –about 30 downsized loads from Lewiston–have already been trucked into Montana.

The smaller, conventional loads are able to move during daylight hours, while the larger loads on hydraulic trailers must move after 8 p.m. The largest of the modules measure 25 feet wide, nearly 12 feet high and 123 feet long.

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