Strapping Tools from Redback Industries

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Redback Industries carries a complete range of strapping tools and strapping tensioners for securing cargo as well as Compression Covers and Drum Clips exclusively from Redback Industries.

Redback Industries also offers PROGRIP Heavy Duty Buckles, which provide maximum joint efficiency and high system strength. Available in standard Galvanized or Phosphated coatings, as well as NEW Black Galvanized finish for superior holding power in all weather conditions.

PROGRIP Buckles allow high tension and provide maximum joint strength when paired with POWERWEB, POWERFLEX or POWERLASH. The geometry of PROGRIP Buckles is optimized for use with Redback Strapping.

PROGRIP Buckles are available in a wide range of sizes and types. Use Galvanized Buckles for ease of use and Black Galvanized or Phosphated Buckles for optimal holding power.

Redback’s line of PROSERIES strapping tools is noted for their precision manufacturing, durability, and safety.  PROSERIES Tools last longer and tension straps tighter.  Industrial strength strapping tools and accessories are economical and require minimal maintenance. Trust the protection of your cargo to poly strapping and strapping tools from Redback Industries. For more information please visit our site at

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