WSDOT Funding for Freight Rail

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Do you need to secure heavy loads, bundled objects and irregularly shaped objects often? If you do, then consider Redback Industries composite strapping and galvanized buckles as safer methods of securing loads when compared to steel banding.

If you work in haulage or freight, then you are already aware of safety issues when it comes to securing loads, but did you know that composite strapping has many advantages over steel banding? It features maximum impact resistance, minimal lash back when cut, high joint strength, maintenance of tension over time, it won’t rust or damage goods, it’s soft on hands and on your load, easy to handle and dispose of, there is a low tool cost and low tool maintenance, it’s 1/4 the weight of steel, UV resistant and highly economical.

With the Washington State Department of Transportation accepting applications to receive state funding for freight rail projects in Washington, we at Redback Industries hope to see a safe and secure environment for all of these potential new workers. The funding will create family-wage jobs and the projects will demonstrate the economic and environmental advantages of freight rail.

Read more about the Freight Rail Funding here:

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