Use Woven Cord Strapping to Ensure a Safe Journey for Freight

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When packing freight there are four steps to ensure the safety and security of your load. At Redback Industries, we suggest using our high performance, non-metallic strapping system comprising woven cord strapping and galvanized strap buckles to ensure that your freight is packed as safely and securely as possible.

Whether you’re a lumber haulage company or you’re transporting barrels on intermodal transport; the basics are the same.

First – plan it. This may sound basic, but whether this is your first shipment or your thousandth, you’ll need to plan for size, shape, weight and transport route of your freight, and you don’t want to be caught out by irregular shaped objects. Our woven cord strapping and galvanised strap buckles are great when dealing with odd-sized freight.

Second – prepare it. Your freight should be properly organised and stacked, all the better to load and unload it at either end. You might know which order is for whom, but will the people unloading know where each stack goes? Make sure everything is labelled correctly.

Thirdly – secure it. Redback Industries are experts in properly securing freight. You need to protect your load from transit vibrations and, if using intermodal transport, from slipping and sliding during transfer. Use proper cushioning, blocking bracing, banding, stretch wrapping and basic wood or plastic pallets. We would recommend woven cord strapping and galvanised strap buckles. Cord strapping offers maximum impact resistance and minimal lashback when cut, as well as minimal damage to the freight itself.

Fourthly – ship it. Use descriptive labels and describe any special handling needs. Then say goodbye to your well-secured freight and expect a safe journey to its destination.

For more information about Redback strapping and pricing, please contact us.

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