Redback Industries Strap Buckles for All of Your Strapping Needs

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When using products such as Redback Industries’ POWERFLEX composite strapping and POWERWEB woven cord strapping it’s important to use the appropriate tools to secure the load, for safety and security reasons.

Our Proseries tools and accessories ensure your cordstrap is at the correct and safest tension. The TM395 Tensioning Tool is our heavy-duty tensioning tool which provides ultra-high tension. This is a part of our POWERLASH Cargo Restrain Systems, and used in conjunction with our PROGRIP heavy-duty strap buckles, you’ve got one heavy-duty system! PROGRIP heavy duty strap buckles provide maximum joint efficiency and high system strength. You have the choice between galvanized buckles or phosphated coverings. We recently added a black galvanised buckle coating which has superior holding power in all weather conditions. The geometry of PROGRIP Buckles is optimised for use with Redback strapping.

For an example of how to use these tools to ensure that your cargo is the safest and most secure that it can be, watch this video on Buckle Threading which demonstrates the correct way to thread a buckle.

Redback Industries offers a wide range of galvanised buckle types, for all uses. For more information about uses and pricing, please contact us.

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