Secure Your Loads with the Right Strapping

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As experts in load securement and cargo securement, Redback Industries consistently reviews cargo securement rules to make sure we’ve got the right products for the job.

The rules for cargo securement state that that all devices and systems used to secure cargo on or in a vehicle must be capable of meeting the performance criteria. All vehicle structures, systems, parts and components used to secure cargo should be in excellent shape, with no damaged or weakened components that might fail during transport.

For this reason, we recommend either POWERWEB Woven Cord Strapping or POWERFLEX Composite Strapping which both stay tight, and retain tension better than other methods of load securement.  These two products will absorb the shocks of shifting cargo, so that your cargo stays secure, and suffers less damage than it would using steel chain or steel banding.  Not only that, but POWERFLEX and POWERWEB are both easy-to-use, and safe since they don’t snap back like steel banding.

To find out more, check out this demo of our POWERFLEX Composite Strapping.  To read more about the Federal Cargo Securement Rules, visit  And to find out how Redback Industries can help you secure your load, visit

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