Use the Proper tools for your Strapping Application (Pt. 2)

Written by  Super User

Hand grade poly strapping, is a user-friendly packaging solution that is applied using manual poly strapping tools such as feeders, tensioners and sealers. It is ideal for hand strapping and palletizing in smaller to medium volumes.  Hand grade poly strapping is able to stretch for a snug fit during packaging and has low tension retention.  Manual tensioners and crimping systems are available for low volume applications. Automatic hand tools are used for higher volume applications.  Both manual and automatic tools are available as combination tools, which perform the tensioning, sealing and cutting, or as separate tensioners, sealers, and cutters.

Hand grade poly strapping can be manually applied using wire buckles and tightened using manual strapping tools. The ends of the poly strapping can be fused together using a handheld friction weld, a heat sealing strapping tool or a plastic strapping seal.

Redback Industries carries a complete range of strapping tools and strapping tensioners for securing cargo. Redback’s line of PROSERIES strapping tools is noted for their precision manufacturing, durability, and safety. Industrial strength strapping tools and accessories are economical and require minimal maintenance.

Trust the protection of your cargo to poly strapping and strapping tools from Redback Industries – which can be used on poly strapping. For more information please visit our site at

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