Strapping Tools for Optimal Cargo Securement

Written by  Super User

Redback Industries carries a complete range of strapping tools and strapping tensioners for securing cargo. Redback’s line of PROSERIES strapping tools is noted for their precision manufacturing, durability, and safety. Industrial strength strapping tools and accessories are economical and require minimal maintenance.

Woven Polyester Cord and Composite Cord Strapping are a safer, more affordable, and easier to carry alternative to steel strapping. Polyester strapping maintains tension over time and absorbs impacts that would normally break steel strapping.

Now, with your first order of 12 coils, get a FREE ¾” windlass strapping tensioner.  Offer valid through June 15.  Redback offers demonstrations and training, corporate pricing programs, free tool and tool repair programs, as well as local inventory and delivery.

Trust the protection of your cargo to poly strapping and strapping tools from Redback Industries. For more information please visit our site at

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