Technological Advances for Truckers Address Challenges

One of the topics discussed at the ALK Transportation Technology Summit 2012 is the rise of mobile apps relevant to the trucking industry. This technology is changing how carriers and drivers connect with each other, and with customers. Derek Leathers, president of $2 billion trucking operator Werner Enterprises described many challenges pushing up trucking costs and shipper rates. “Technology can address each of these obstacles, make the driver’s life easier and helping us get better utilization” from existing truck capacity,…
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The Future of Freight Relies on Composite Strapping

Could the future of cargo shipping rely on technology from the past, mixed with technology from the future? Reading this article from Sail World, it looks as if some companies are seriously considering going back to sailing ships to transport their cargo. The Fair Transport company has a cargo ship called The Tres Hombres, which has an insulated cool room built on board, powered solely by wind and sun to keep the cargo of chocolate cargo at the correct temperature.…
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Use Woven Cord Strapping to Ensure a Safe Journey for Freight

When packing freight there are four steps to ensure the safety and security of your load. At Redback Industries, we suggest using our high performance, non-metallic strapping system comprising woven cord strapping and galvanized strap buckles to ensure that your freight is packed as safely and securely as possible. Whether you’re a lumber haulage company or you’re transporting barrels on intermodal transport; the basics are the same. First – plan it. This may sound basic, but whether this is your…
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Redback Industries Strap Buckles for All of Your Strapping Needs

When using products such as Redback Industries’ POWERFLEX composite strapping and POWERWEB woven cord strapping it’s important to use the appropriate tools to secure the load, for safety and security reasons. Our Proseries tools and accessories ensure your cordstrap is at the correct and safest tension. The TM395 Tensioning Tool is our heavy-duty tensioning tool which provides ultra-high tension. This is a part of our POWERLASH Cargo Restrain Systems, and used in conjunction with our PROGRIP heavy-duty strap buckles, you’ve…
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