Alternative to Steel Strapping

Do Away with Dangerous Steel Strapping and Call Redback Industries

Redback Industries high quality cord strapping is quickly replacing steel banding throughout the country. Our cargo restraint systems are an economical alternative to expensive and dangerous steel strapping. Steel banding has the potential to rust and damage any cargo the banding touches and the potential for serious injuries is high. We recommend either POWERWEB Woven Cord Strapping or POWERFLEX Composite Strapping which both stay tight, and retain tension better than other methods of load securement. These two products will absorb…
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The Many Disadvantages of Steel Banding

Without a doubt, when it comes to shipping cargo, steel banding offers some distinct disadvantages over composite strapping, woven polyester strapping, and cargo lashing. Some of these disadvantages include: Potential Damage to Cargo: Steel banding has the potential to rust and in turn, stain any cargo that this banding touches. Further, as the steel banding can also tear and/or scratch cargo, this type of banding is inappropriate to use on certain surfaces. Potential for Serious Injuries: If a steel band…
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Use a Proper Cargo Restraint System to Minimize Truck Accidents

According to the 2006 federal Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS), there are a number of different factors that contribute to truck accidents. However, while there are a number of different factors involved in these types of accidents, the LTCCS notes that the following factors contribute to the majority of truck accidents: Truck Cargo Shift – when an improperly secured cargo load on a truck shifts, serious accidents can occur. Truck Driver Training – while many truckers receive proper training,…
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Exploring Strapping Options with Redback Industries (Pt. 2)

Nylon strap has the greatest specific strength of the three plastics, the cost outweighs the strength benefits. In the past nylon strap used to be very popular, but over time polyester has replaced almost all of its use. One application that still uses this type of strap is cold room applications, because it does not creep as much as the other types of plastic. Corded and woven strapping is available in several constructions, generally in polyester and rayon. Because this…
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