Cord Strapping

Use Woven Cord Strapping to Ensure a Safe Journey for Freight

When packing freight there are four steps to ensure the safety and security of your load. At Redback Industries, we suggest using our high performance, non-metallic strapping system comprising woven cord strapping and galvanized strap buckles to ensure that your freight is packed as safely and securely as possible. Whether you’re a lumber haulage company or you’re transporting barrels on intermodal transport; the basics are the same. First – plan it. This may sound basic, but whether this is your…
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Redback Industries Strap Buckles for All of Your Strapping Needs

When using products such as Redback Industries’ POWERFLEX composite strapping and POWERWEB woven cord strapping it’s important to use the appropriate tools to secure the load, for safety and security reasons. Our Proseries tools and accessories ensure your cordstrap is at the correct and safest tension. The TM395 Tensioning Tool is our heavy-duty tensioning tool which provides ultra-high tension. This is a part of our POWERLASH Cargo Restrain Systems, and used in conjunction with our PROGRIP heavy-duty strap buckles, you’ve…
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How to Apply Composite Cord Strapping

Applying composite cord strapping is fast and easy when using the correct technique. A common mistake is to pull both ends of strap to cinch down strapping. Pulling both tails creates far too much friction at the strap buckle. Likewise, pulling all the slack through the tight s-curve of the buckle can also create too much drag. A simple solution is to pretension by pulling the loop towards yourself in the same motion as you thread it over the front…
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Secure Your Loads with the Right Strapping

As experts in load securement and cargo securement, Redback Industries consistently reviews cargo securement rules to make sure we’ve got the right products for the job. The rules for cargo securement state that that all devices and systems used to secure cargo on or in a vehicle must be capable of meeting the performance criteria. All vehicle structures, systems, parts and components used to secure cargo should be in excellent shape, with no damaged or weakened components that might fail…
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