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Redback Industries Specializes in Woven Polyester and Composite Cord Strapping

Our Woven and cord strapping is a superior alternative to steel, extruded polyester, and polypropylene banding.

Redback Strapping is ideal for palletizing and securing heavy
loads, bundled loads, and irregular shaped objects.

Strong, Safe, Secure Alternative
to the Dangers of Steel Banding

Redback Strapping for cargo has higher tenacity than metal banding,
so it can resist impacts that would normally break steel and PET.

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Redback woven polyester and composite cord strapping will not lash back when cut, it will not cut hands and arms, and Redback
Strapping is safer than steel and won't damage product

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Redback Strapping will not cause bodily injury or eye injury

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Redback Strapping is 1/4 of the weight of steel so it will not cause
back injury. Redback Strapping has no sharp edges and is not a yard hazard.

Quality Tools

Redback offers an extensive line of windlass tools,
strapping carts, and forklift mounted dispensers.

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Low tool cost and low tool maintenance. Our top of the
line range of heavy duty tools are less expensive than
most steel strapping tool repairs

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Professional grade cargo strapping carts with wheels and lift truck
mounted dispensers for efficient warehouse packaging and
material handling

Low Elongation

Redback Strapping has low elongation and memory so it functions like an industrial
shock absorber to resist impacts and load shifting while staying tight on your cargo.
Redback woven strapping will not stretch out over time.

Easy to dispose

Will not rust or damage product.

UV Resistant

All of our products have been tested for UV resistance.

Cost Effective

Redback cord strapping is less expensive than steel banding.

Redback Cost Advantage

  • Economical
  • Low cost per foot
  • Low tool cost
  • Low tool maintenance
  • No product damage
  • Easy to dispose
  • Not a yard hazard
  • No risk of exposure to
    injury for customers
    and employees

Cost of Steel Banding


Superior Buckle Geometry with our
High Joint Efficiency Wire Buckles

At Redback we take safety very seriously.

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Our superior buckle geometry results
in a stronger and more secure system, so straps stay tight on your shipment.

Request Redback!®

Our superior weave patterns, coatings and buckle geometry work together
to provide some of the highest joint strengths and repeatable performance
to the industry. For optimal performance and safety, always request Redback cargo
strapping and Redback galvanized and phosphated buckles.

Redback Strapping designated
AAR-39 meets or exceeds
Association of American Railroads
(AAR) and American Society for
Testing and Materials (ASTM)

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Redback woven polyester and composite cord strapping and lashing system can be used in conjunction with, or entirely eliminate the need for corner board and edge protection, paper and polywoven dunnage airbags, anti-slip sheets and rubber friction matting, honeycombs, voidfiller and corrugated panels, wood blocking and bracing, stretch and other cargo control and freight protection products used in boxcars, oceans, (OTR) over the road truck and intermodal transportation, crating and export packaging.


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Woven and composite can be a better option when securing steel and other metal products because it is best to not have steel on steel as that can cause damage.  Our superior ability to absorb impacts is especially helpful when transporting steel and metal materials. #RedbackStrap #5StarCertified #AAR39 #ASTM #CompositeStrapping #wovenstrapping
Virtually all applications that use steel banding are excellent candidates for woven and composite strapping.  Redback strapping is safer, stronger, and less expensive than steel banding, meaning that it will have a better hold and protect your people better than steel. #RedbackStrap #5StarCertified #AAR39 #ASTM #CompositeStrapping #wovenstrapping
Is your cargo secure? #RedbackStrap #5StarCertified #AAR39 #ASTM #CompositeStrapping #WovenStrapping
AAR Approved RBC105. Contact Redback to find out more about our Composite Strapping. #RedbackStrap #5StarCertified #AAR39 #ASTM #CompositeStrapping #WovenStrapping
Ideal for securing heavy loads, bundled loads, and irregular shaped objects. #RedbackStrap #5StarCertified #AAR39 #ASTM #CompositeStrapping #WovenStrapping
Contact Redback to make sure your loads are tight and secure in 2022! #RedbackStrap #5StarCertified #AAR39 #ASTM #CompositeStrapping #WovenStrapping #newyear #2022
Redback strap left out in the elements stays tight in any season. #RedbackStrap #5StarCertified #AAR39 #ASTM #CompositeStrapping #WovenStrapping
Are you pretensioning your strap correctly? Our Tips & Tricks video can show you how! Link in our bio! #RedbackStrap #5StarCertified #AAR39 #ASTM #CompositeStrapping #WovenStrapping #mondaymotivation
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