5 Star Performance

Redback is the only cord strapping company in the country to offer a five-star certification. As part of this performance standard, we certify that our system strengths consistently exceed linear strength. So today, we’ll take you to our lab to demonstrate that our super weave patterns, coatings and buckle geometry together provide some of the highest joint strength and repeatable performance in the industry.

We’re going compare system strength of Redback’s woven strapping and buckles to system strength of a leading competitor’s product. We’re using an ASTM calibrated tensile test machine with accuracy of more than 99%, and we have a PC controller to chart the results. All tests will be conducted with the strapping in and loop form joined at the buckle with single wraps in the same way you would use strapping and buckles in the field. No double wraps.

We’re pulling all tests at four inches per minute, but we’ll speed up the video of the test for you to keep things moving along. Here’s our 2,425 lb. CW7525 woven strapping with our standard BF1940 phosphate buckle.

As the extension of the pull is charted on the horizontal axis, strength is recorded on the vertical axis. The result of this test was 3,171 lb. and our PC controller recorded no slippage. This is exactly what a test curve is supposed to look like, and test after test the curve is virtually the same. This is a repeatable performance due to our five-star certification. Now here’s the competitor 2,400 lb. strap with their recommended phosphate.

The strap is rated to have a system strength of more than 3,300 lb., but it slips several times and eventually breaks at only 1,896 lb., just slightly more than half of its advertised rating. And here it is again slipping at the buckle at 1,993 lb. Talk about repeatable performance. Here is the test report of nine consecutive tests showing an average joint strength of only 46%.

Now let’s take a look at our 1,830 lb. CW6518. The chart shows repeatable performance with an average system strength of 2,559lb., a 70% joint strength. So you can see our 1,830 lb. strap significantly outperforms the competitor 2,400 lb. strap. But what about the competitor 2,700 lb. strap? It’s rated to have a system strength of more than 3,700 lb. but once again, we witness slip after slip and averaged seven consecutive tests. The chart shows an average system strength of only 2,185 lb., a mere 40% joint. So as you can see, our 1,830 lb. and 2,425 lb. straps both outperform the competitors 2,400 lb. and 2,700 lb. straps.

This is just one illustration of how Redback strapping provides superior and repeatable performance. Is your strap in five-star certified? To learn more about Redback Strapping and our five-star performance standard, give us a call or check us out on the web at Redback.com.

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