Competitor Orange Gunk

Orange dust is great on cheese puffs, but it’s not good on woven strapping. Five years ago we posted the orange strap dust video on YouTube to demonstrate how much of the competitor woven straps on the market can gunk up the gripper foot of tools and prevent adequate tension to properly close strapping buckles. A real dangerous situation. Since then, many customers converted to Redback Strapping and now know that gunk is not an inherent evil of woven strapping.

In fact, here’s a tool we’ve been using with Redback Strapping every day for several years, and you can see there’s no residue on the gripper foot. But the orange gunky problem has been happening as long as I can remember. And we continue to see coatings flaking off competitor straps and caking up on the gripper foot the tools.

I don’t know why anyone puts up with it. Here you can see the coating that’s come off strapping and gunk up the windlass as well. So we’re making this video today to raise awareness and show you more examples of what orange gunk can really looks like. Because a lot of distributors have been ignoring the problem and looking the other way.

Perhaps they think it’s not an issue if their customers are willing to take the extra time to break down their tools and scrub out the gripper foot. So what I want to add in stress in this video today is that when the coating is so thin or fragile that it’s actually coming off the strapping, by definition, this means it’s not working.

And here’s why it’s so dangerous. Woven strapping is inherently slippery, and uncoated yarn is even more slippery. It’s one of the reasons we add coatings to woven strapping is to prevent it from slipping out of the buckle as the reason we use a phosphated buckle rather than a galvanized buckle. So cleaning out your tool could not fix this dangerous problem.

And we’ve demonstrated this slippage in our competitors slip video. So why would you want to waste your time cleaning out your tool anyway? Redback strapping will not gunk up the gripper foot of your tool and our weave patterns, coatings and buckle geometry work together to provide some of the highest joint strengths in the industry. To learn more about Redback Strapping, give us a call or check us out on the web at

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