All Weather Performance

With the weather changing it’s a great time to check if your strapping is all-weather! Not all straps on the market are designed to work in all weather conditions. So as summer turns into fall and winter, it is important to know if what you are using was designed to work in the current environment.


At Redback we believe in year-round quality and our straps perform equally well in ALL WEATHER conditions. Redback Strapping is not dependent on temperature or weather, so there is no need to stock a winter or summer grade product. Additionally, all of our products have been tested for UV resistance in a UV chamber and weather accelerator.


Safety is our core value, and we take it very seriously. Our superior weave patterns, coatings, and buckle geometry work together to provide some of the highest joint strengths and repeatable performance in the industry. For optimal performance and safety, always request Redback Strapping and Redback Buckles.


If you want to make sure your strapping is all weather give us a call or send us an email!

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