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Redback strapping works like a super high strength rubber band to absorb impacts and load shifting while keeping loads tight and secure. Redback is applied with a manual windlass tensioning tool and a wire buckle. The operation of the tool is very simple. It has three main functions; The gripper foot, windless and cutter. All are controlled by the lever.

Pushing down on the lever opens the gripper foot, ratcheting the lever back and forth moves the windlass, detention the strap, and then pushing down on the lever again cuts the strap and releases it from under the gripper foot. When placing redback around the load start at the bottom threading the strap away from you and then back toward you over the top.

For those of you familiar with seal banding, this is the opposite direction. If necessary, you can use a palate threading one to help push the strap under the load. To attach the buckle to the strap. Start by holding the buckle in your left hand with the legs on top, pointed to the right. Next thread the strap up through the center of the buckle and tuck it under the back leg.

Likewise, you can form a loop, feed it through the center of the buckle, and then pull the loop over the back leg. Now reach down in front of your load and pull the strap up toward the front of the buckle removing the slack from under the load as you go. It is important to remove all slack under the load.

Now form a loop in the strap and insert it through the center of the buckle and pull it over the front leg. At this point you can brace the strap on top or front edge of the load and then pull the loop toward yourself to get rid of any remaining slack. Finally, let go of the loop and pull the tail to pretension the strap around the load.

You are now ready to apply tension with the windlass tool. Push down the lever to raise the gripper foot and attach the tool to the strap, making sure to keep the front of the tool about eight or ten inches away from the buckle. Next, feed the tail through the cutter and through the windlass.

To apply tension rock the lever back and forth with long full strokes. Be careful not to bounce the lever against the gripper foot spring. As you tension the strap the tool will be drawn closer to the buckle. Do not over tension. Adequate tension is applied when the leg of the buckle touches the base of the buckle. To remove the tool, push down on the lever to cut the strap and lift the gripper foot, holding down the lever. Rotate the tool out from the side.

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