What Is This Strap?

We received this box of competitor composite strapping and the label says “3/4” HD Composite Strap”, but its thinner and more narrow than our RBC65F 3/4” Composite Strap, so what is this?

Well, we could see the label was stuck over another label, so we peeled it back to see what was underneath.  From the underside, we could see much of the same information as the outer label, but also that it is made in Turkey.

So, we took this Turkish strap back to our lab and pulled 5 samples on our newly calibrated load cell.  The average linear strength was 1283 LBS, so its definitely lower strength than our RBC65F 3/4 inch Composite Strap, but surprisingly, it had the exact the same test result as our 5/8” RBC55F Composite Strap.  And the big reveal here is that our RBC55F is a 20% Longer Coil than this Turkish strap, so for comparable linear strength, with Redback RBC55F you are getting 20% more strapping.

But strapping is not used in linear form.  Strapping is used in loop form with a buckle, so a better gauge of performance is to look at loop strength, also known as System Strength.

Again, we pulled 5 samples of the Turkish product, this time in loop form with their ¾” Heavy Duty Buckles and obtained an average system strength of 1979 lbs, much lower than our RBC65F 3/4” Composite Strap with Redback BG1940B buckles which after 5 pulls reached an average system strength of 2353 lbs.  That is 19% higher system strength than this Turkish product.

So, its pretty clear this Turkish product is not comparable to our RBC65F 3/4” Composite Strap on either a linear or system strength basis.  In fact, this Turkish strapping is very brittle and cracks easily compared to Redback. And the buckles are so covered in sharp tooling marks and barbs that during testing, I actually got a metal sliver lodged in my finger.

But, for those who require less performance than our RBC65F 3/4” Composite Strap, we do have some Redback Straps that would be better comparisons.

Using their 1979 LBS system strength as a performance measure, we pulled 5 tests each of our RBC60F 3/4” Composite Strap with Redback BG1940B buckles, RBC55F 5/8” Composite Strap with Redback BG1638P buckles and RBC55F 5/8” Composite Strap with Redback BG1635P buckles.   The tests yielded average system strengths of 1967 LBS, 1995 LBS and 2036 LBS respectively.  So, you can see Redback has 3/4” and 5/8” composite straps in this performance range, but again, the big reveal here is that ALL of these Redback straps are 20% longer coils than the Turkish product.

So, what is this Turkish strap?  Well, the label and footage positions it against our RBC65F Composite Strapping, but in reality, its a lower strength strap, but with less coil length than our lower strength straps.

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