A Dirty Little Cord Strapping Secret

In our 20+ years we’ve done A LOT of strength testing and Redback Strapping regularly outperforms the competition. But what we see so often is competitor products with surprisingly low joint strengths.  That’s right, so many competitor products on the market are slipping and breaking at relatively low strengths.


In a recent comparison, we tested a well known competitor’s Woven Strap and found Redback achieved a whopping 40% higher system strength! Click below to watch the video.

We also did a comparison test with common low-priced Composite Cord Strapping and found Redback is a 20% longer coil, so the savings aren’t what you may think. Click below to watch that video.


At Redback, we provide some of the highest joint strengths and repeatable performance in the industry.  Our superior weave patterns, coatings and buckle geometry result in a stronger and more secure system, so straps stay tight on your load. For optimal performance, safety and value, be sure to request Redback Strapping.

For more information, visit Redback.com or call a Strapping Expert at 425-455-9200.

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