Redback System Strength

For as long as anyone can remember, linear strength has been used to describe strapping performance. But strapping is not really used in linear form.  Strapping is used in a loop with a fastener.  So loop strength, also known as system strength, is a better indicator of performance.

Unfortunately, many of the advertised system strengths on the market are just made up numbers based on a multiplier of linear strength.  The truth is, system strengths vary greatly because not all straps and buckles are created equal.

Is Your Woven & Composite Cord Strapping delivering the performance you are paying for?

At Redback, we provide some of the highest joint strengths and repeatable performance in the industry.  Our superior weave patterns, coatings and buckle geometry result in a stronger and more secure system, so straps stay tight on your load. For optimal performance, safety and value, be sure to request Redback Strapping.

We tested several strap and buckle combinations to show you the truth.  Watch this quick video to see how Redback stacks up to the competition.

System Strength Video

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