Redback Load Restraint Systems offers composite strapping, woven cord strapping, and cargo lashing for lumberyards, railroads, industrial applications, and more. Safer, stronger, and less expensive than steel banding, our woven polyester and composite strapping is ideal for securing heavy loads, bundled loads, and irregularly shaped objects, and won’t damage your product. Plus, our coils of composite strapping and woven cord strapping are one-quarter the weight of steel banding, which means they can be more economically transported than steel banding.

Our product line includes composite strapping, which is a light, flexible product with a plastic coating that looks and feels like thick filament tape. Composite strapping performs well in all weather conditions and can absorb impacts and load shifting. Redback’s woven strapping stays tight and doesn’t cause rust or damage. With the look and feel of a backpack strap, woven strapping can be fastened with a buckle or hand tied. Our cargo lashing product combines webbing, buckles, and hooks for a variety of industrial strapping needs, like securing heavy or irregularly shaped loads. Bonded cord strapping provides excellent knot strength and is perfect for agricultural and bailing applications. Galvanized, phosphate, and lashing buckles provide superior holding power and joint efficiency for our composite and woven cord strapping. We also offer several economical options of industrial strength strapping dispensers, which require minimal maintenance.

Our tools make it easy to apply tension to any of our strapping products.  Simply pull out excess slack, add tension and cut the strap. Our 5-Star Certification addresses five critical performance standards: Verified Linear Strength, High Joint Strength, Low Elongation, All Weather Performance, and No Flaking or Delamination. Redback’s composite strapping, woven cord strapping, and cargo lashings offer long-lasting, all-weather strength that provides a better hold than steel strapping. With a full line of straps and buckles that are designed to work together, Redback straps stay tight on all your loads. Place your order now or contact our team if you have questions about our products!

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